Monday, June 3, 2013

Gone Junkin': Beds Galore!

Hello Readers!

It's that time of year where I spend my Saturdays fishing through other people's junk. It's Gone Junkin' time!!

This past weekend was city wide garage sales and then yesterday it was city wide clean up. I got lots of treasures with my driving around. I got some stuff for the babies, found some Princess House maragretta glasses to match the other PH stuff I inherited from my grandmother, and found some junk to refunk. 

This is just the start of the stuff I got. I also have a chair and really really cool magazine stand that I haven't taken pictures of yet. (I like the stand enough I might not want to part ways with it. My husband doesn't share the enthusiasm).

First, two beds I purchased at a garage sale that was benefiting a local shelter for woman and children. Since they are intact with bedrails and all, I think they will remain a bed but with a little love put into it. Maybe some sort of stenciling or decal or color blocking? I foresee some pinterest-ing in the near future.

I really like the design of this headboard. I also want to keep this but I know that there is no way I'd convince the hubby. It just wants to live in our guest room!

Isn't that gold detail beautiful? My husband turned to me and told me that it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen when he was moving it into the workshop aka my backyard.

Old crib featuring an awesome puppy picture. Sadly that will probably have to go. I'm thinking a bench, or desk or message center is in it's future.

Headboard. I might leave as a headboard, but I kinda want to do something fun with it. Maybe this will be a bench instead?

Old window frames. There were TONS of free windows around this weekend. I found they don't sell all that great because, well, there are TONS of free windows around! I liked these frames. They have some cool woodwork. I might do some sort of art piece or message board with them.
Old directors chair (missing the back piece). I jazzed up my own directors chair, so I think this one might get some of the same treatment. Fun fabric and color are in its future!

Anyone else find some fun finds?!?

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