Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Pinterest Report: Painting Nails


I am hoping to post some projects in the next few days. It looks like we might actually get a couple of days where the weather isn't super hot and there's no rain. Wahoo! I just picked up three benches for a whopping 3$. That's a dollar a bench! They were pretty rough though so I might only get two benches out of the deal. We'll see.

This Pin says that if you put a thicker lotion around the nail, paint the nail, then wipe off the lotion, you will get a perfect manicure.

I decided to try it with the ultimate test.....a three year old. She loves to get her nails painted, but she never holds still. So, usually there are a couple of piggies that end up pink or red.

So I grabbed some Vaseline we had sitting out and some Q-tips. I did one foot at a time and did a couple of coats. I didn't do a perfect job (mostly to see if this would work), and my daughter also wiggled her toes enough that it seemed to smear.

It totally worked! I was able to wipe away the excess polish once the nails dried. It took a bit extra rubbing on some where the Vaseline wasn't very thick, but it did work. I also tried it on my nails (since I'm less than talented when it comes to painting my right hand.) Also worked great, plus my cuticles were really soft.

I would definitely recommend this idea to someone who is dealing with a wiggly kid or just wants a clean polish job.

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