Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thirty-One Tip and Tricks: Super Organizing Tote

Hello there! I post this tip and trick from my phone as we drive home from a fun weekend with family.

I am currently training to do a 5k. I finished Couch to 5k last week and I have my first race next Saturday! I hit the 3.1 mark in Wednesday. I was quite proud since 10 weeks ago I didn't exercise at all.

Anyways, I am running over my lunch breaks or right after work. I am super lucky to have a workplace that organized a C25k program and has a full gym and locker room.

That means that I need a bag that will hold all my workout gear and everything I need to use to become presentable after the workout.

I had a smaller tote but it just wasn't fitting my towel and shoes. I decided to go for the big bag the Super Organizing Tote. It big enough to fit everything, has pockets on the sides for water bottles, sunglasses, iPod, etc. plus it has a zipper to close everything up.

I also have the pocket to attach to the inside of my tote (which also attaches to my other organizing tote and large utility tote). I use it for my hair ties, headbands, shampoo etc. Mine is personalized with "Lil' Extras"

If your interested in getting some cute personalized bags or hosting a party and getting them for FREE, reach out to me by using the "contact me" tab above! 



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