Monday, August 19, 2013

Before & After: Getting Ready for Geneva's 2013 City Wide Show

I have (finally) fixed up a couple of the items I found during City Wide Clean-Up/Garage Sales and Junkin' in June. The pile of junk in the yard is starting to shrink...well at least it's starting to be relocated to the "finished" pile. That's good, right?

Now, what do I do with all these items? Do I keep them all? I would love to keep every single item I fix up. However, my house is full of stuff, and my husband has started to notice.

So, recently I started selling things I fix up. Nothing too much. A show here and there, and a couple of postings online. I'm thinking when we get a house in the country with a big beautiful barn, I might start doing something more regular. At least it would be an excuse to go garage saleing/junking/ awkwardly trash rummaging more often.

I signed up for my first vintage show in September, the Geneva City Wide Market aka "The Market". Two days (eek!), outside (double eek!), and I don't know if I'll have enough inventory. Yeah, I think I'm crazy too!

I know there are some junk lovin' readers out there, so I'm hoping you can make a trip to Geneva for a great junk event on Friday, September 20th from Noon to 8 and Saturday, September 21st from 9 to 5. There's around 50 vendors at the show, plus about a mile outside of town, the Franklin County Historical Society gives demonstrations, such as blacksmithing and tours of an old stone home located there. It's the first known home in Franklin County. This year they are going to bring in a weaving loom and spinners and weavers are coming in to make items on it. Tell your family it's educational for the kiddos and then do the really fun part, hunt for some treasures!

I hope you can make it. It's always a good time to see other junk lovers and get inspiration!

Anyways, on to the Before & Afters.

Up first: Cabinet Doors. I found these fun doors at the Once Was sale in June. Love her and all her stuff.


After: Chalkboards! I love the new navy blue chalkboard paint at Lowes. Both items sold pretty quick. Gotta love a chalkboard!

Next: Metal tray and old springs 
(Those red rails have a future as a picture ledge. Now, I just have to figure out how I'm going to do that.)

After: Now a fun junky centerpiece. I love when I figure out something to use old insulators for. It seems like such a waste to throw out nice heavy cool colored glass. This was a fun piece to make because it involved some power tools beyond my sander! (It's available for purchase! :) )

Last: Old director's chair. 

Now, I don't have a good director's chair "before" picture. It was missing a top and had a super ugly blue cloth seat, plus it had a beat up light wood frame. Basically, visualize a pile of junk.

Update: I found the "before" picture!


After: Now it's a fun teal/aqua director's chair. I love director's chairs. They fold up nicely, are more exciting than a card table folding chair, and can be way more personalized. (Available for purchase!)

I have several items in my to do pile that are going to get fancied up (hopefully) by the junk market next month. So far I have: 1 headboard and footboard (which will remain as a bed with a fun paint job), another headboard and footboard (might become a sign or a bench), 1 headboard (thinking it will need to become something else fun), 3 end tables (1 is too cool to not keep as a headboard. The other two are going to get jazzed up), a chair (with a destiny as a planter), a old crib (not sure if this will become anything or just make a trip to the's in pretty rough shape), old metal owls (they are going from grandma's attic to urban chic), and vintage fabric that is going somewhere unique and inspired...if you know where that is, please tell me. 

See you in September!!

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