Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thirty-One Tips and Tricks: Awesome Mom Solution

Hello There!

It's time for another organization solution with my favorite bags from Thirty-One!

This one I'm pretty darn proud of because I thought of it on my own (so if you see it on Pinterest, don't tell me!)

So, if you have a little one, you probably have experienced this. You get a diaper bag (may I suggest our very popular Organizing Utility Tote?) and you use it for the first and maybe second year? Then, you kiddo needs less supplies like bottles and chew toys (I mean teething toys...can you tell I have dogs?!?) and you start just needing your diapers and wipes. You start using a purse again (and feel like a million bucks to have something that is yours), but you need something to put the wipes and diapers in.

I've got a solution for you!!

So, first of all, you will love the Organizing Utility Tote for your diaper bag. You can wipe it down, it has a ton of pockets for bottles and toys, you can personalize it, it comes in fun prints, and there are a 101 uses for when you're done using it as a diaper bag.

Since you want some sort of pocket that zips on the inside of the diaper bag, you can Pocket-A-Tote to add on to the bag. It just snaps right in and you can personalize this as well. You could use it for your diapers so they are easy to grab (and personalize with something like "Diaps and Wipes") or use it as your "mom" bag (and personalize it with "Mom's Stuff"). 

When you want to use your purse, you can simply snap out the Pocket-A-Tote and snap it into your Retro Metro Bag. You say, "What?!" Yes. The Pocket-A-Tote actually snaps into the loops of a Retro Metro bag (a fact that isn't well known!).

Now I have a super cute diaper "clutch" I can move between my two bags. The diaper bag when we're going out for the day, and the purse when we're just running to dinner. 

You still have time to order a purse at 1/2 price with a purchase of $35.00 dollars! It's our August Special, and you'll be happy to know that if you get the Organizing Tote and Pocket-a-Tote, you've already reached your $35.00. So you can get the Retro Metro Bag (or the Elite Retro Metro Bag which is pictured here) at 1/2 price!

And if you're not in the market for a Retro Metro Bag, one of these items may be on special next month....just sayin' ;)
My Pocket-A-Tote. It came with my Enrollment Kit, and I LOVE it. I use it all the time.

Two diapers and a wipe case.

Pocket-a-Tote in my Organizing Utility Tote..tons of room for spare clothes and toys
Outside of my bag. (Woodblock Floral)

Inside of my Retro Metro Bag. See how it loops through the top? Tons of room this bag. I can fit a lap top & iPad!

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