Saturday, September 21, 2013

DIY Sunday: Baseball Bat Display

Hello Everyone!

This weeks project is a easy and unique way to display a baseball bat. I picked up a vintage bat from a sale at Once Was. I knew I wanted to use it as decoration in my sons room (it may find a second life as a coat rack in a few years)

I didn't want a typical bat display box. I was wandering around Lowes one day (I'm pretty sure it's my favorite place to shop) and saw this rope for sale. I didn't realize that rope is only a couple cents (okay 68 cents) per foot. I decided that I wanted to do something with the rope. That's when I remembered the bat that has been sitting on a dresser for a few weeks. 

I bought 3 feet of rope and got to work. I cut the rope in half so each piece was one and a half feet. I made a circle and secured the rope with hot glue. 

Then I wrapped the connection point with yarn and hot glued it. While wrapping I left a little loop loose to hang each rope loop. 

I hung each rope with the infomercial fantastic gorilla hooks. (Which really do work a number in dry wall)

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out and it matches my sons vintage nursery quite well. It's not hunting themed like other items but its still fun. 


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Mike said...

Good job :)