Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Pinterest Report: Recipes

Hello There!

I have been cooking and trying to use my fruits and vegetables from my Bountiful Baskets. There has been quite a bit of Pinteresting lately to find recipes.

For the most part they have been successes, but some aren't that great. Here's the lowdown in this week's Pinterest Report.

Photo from Pioneer Woman

This recipe is from the Pioneer Woman. Which of course means it's probably super delish. (Remember the french toast casserole?) I wasn't disappointed.

 I got a little crazy with the salt, so I will watch that next time, but it had all the parts I love about baked potatoes. They were nice and crunchy and had great flavor. Definitely trying that again!

Photo from Annie Eats

These were really great. We did get some Hawaiian rolls, but I think I would stick with plain rolls next time. They were pretty sweet. I also did a honey ham, so next time I might try plain rolls with smoked ham. Otherwise, this was a very easy quick recipe and would be great for appetizers. 

Photo from Martha Stewart

We fell in love with this recipe. It was a fantastic way to use the veggies from my bountiful basket! Hardly any dishes to clean and it was so simple. We added in spinach as well and used some basil I had in the fridge.

Photo from

This was a great one dish meal. It was simple and easy. (Are you seeing a theme here? I like no dishes, easy simple and no crazy ingredients.) The pork chop gets very tender. Since it's pretty heavy and not that great for you, I like to make sure we have some sort of veggie that takes over more of the plate than the pork and stuffing.

Okay. This one wasn't very good. The pie filling was just too sweet and the crest has a bit of a odd texture. The texture gets better if they sit in the fridge over night. We won't be trying this one again.

But, they sure look pretty even when I make them.

Photo from My Blessed Life

I was so excited about this that I made it during the summer. It was pretty heavy and stew like. It was delish, so we will definately do it again, but probably wait until the temp drops a bit.

Photo from  The Kitchn

This recipe was a very fast easy way to get some veggies on the table. It was pretty sweet if you follow the recipe, so if you want it to be a bit lighter, I would keep the butter and brown sugar at bay. The onions get sweet on their own.

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