Wednesday, September 4, 2013

DIY Sunday: Dance on the Cheap!

Hello All!

It’s about that time that schools are back in session and dance classes are going to start! My little one is starting her first year of dance. As I’ve said before, my husband is finishing up his last year of school, so I’m the only one bringing home the bacon. :) So finding ways to save money allows us as a family to do more things together. When we went to sign up for dance classes, I was a bit worried about finding dance supplies. The dance supplies can start to add up when you have two pairs of dance shoes, leotards, tutu’s and tights. 

The first place we hit up was Duck Worth Wearing in Ames, Iowa. This is a fantastic used clothing store. They had an entire rack of dance items. The tap shoes we got were missing the ribbon/lace in the top, but that’s no big deal to replace! In fact, we got some sparkle added to our step. 

They only had one leotard and two dance skirts that were close to my daughter’s size, and they were actually too big. I was going to pass on them, but I decided that I could use some easy hand sewing to make each item work. Plus, I can let out the stitches next year and still use them! I used to laugh at my mom doing the same thing with my pants as a kid, but now I know how valuable those little stitches can be.

Our leotard too big. I had fixed the top straps as this point but still hadn't fixed the side straps.

All fixed! A little baggy but looks much better!!
Bringing in our skirt as well.

So, if we would have bought our dance supplies new, we would have spent around $70.00. Instead, I spent about $30.00, plus the items should last into next year (hopefully!).

Hanging out in our skirt and leotard and tap shoes. Brother is crawling around making a mess. :)

In our fancy leotard.

Getting our dance on!

Fancy tap shoes!

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