Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thirty-One Tips & Tricks: Clothesline Helper

Hello There!

I have another fun tip for using your Thirty-One. I found this one out of necessity after putting some clothes out on the line. I couldn't resist line drying when it's 100 degrees outside! Faster than the dryer at that tempature.

So, I use the Large Utility Tote for laundry. I put all my wet laundry in the LUT and added a Pocket-a-Tote (can you tell I'm in love with this little 10$ product?) and put all my clothes pin in it. I then put the LUT over my shoulder and I could go down the line grabbing an item of clothing and clothes pins without having to bend over every 5 seconds. Then when it came time to take down the clothes and put new ones up, I just grabbed two totes and put one on each shoulder and walked down the line, taking down try clothes and putting wet ones up. It worked great! Plus, you can just hang the Pocket-a-Tote right on the line if you want!

 Laundry and my clothes all ready to go!

Hands free hanging.
One on each shoulder makes changing clothes on the line easy!

Pocket-a-tote hanging right on the line!

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