Thursday, May 29, 2014

Show & Tell: Silhouette Moving Announcement Card & Envelope

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I have a fun Silhouette project to share today with a mini tutorial. I wanted to make a card to send out to friends and family about our move and new address. Mostly, the cards are important for relatives and the few friends that aren’t online and couldn’t get an e-mail.

I did some Pinteresting (yes, that’s now a verb) and found some different ideas. Once I found some kraft paper in the dollar section of Target, I had an idea of what I wanted to do.

Moving Announcement Card and Envelope


Scrapbook paper (one 12 x 12 sheet makes 4 inserts) $1.00 for 4 sheets
Kraft paper (I found 8 x 8 kraft paper sheets in the dollar section of Target. $1.00 for 12 sheets)
Silhouette Cutting Machine
Glue Stick

Step One: Create Your Design

One of the main reasons I love my Silhouette is because I can trace shapes. I used silhouettes I found on Google for the two states I wanted on the image and used the trace function.  You could also easily buy the shapes from the store. Each insert I created was 5 x 5. Once I had designed one insert, I selected everything (ctrl-A) and then used the grouping function. Once I had grouped all the different elements together, I copy and pasted the insert on the 12 x 12 sheet online so I had four total inserts for one sheet of scrapbook paper.  

Cut your design out. Remove it from your cutting mat. Make sure you save any shapes that are formed by the negative space…you may need to add them back in or save them for something else fun!

Step Two: Create Envelope

Fold each corner of the kraft paper so the corners meet in the middle of the page. Channel your inner 3rd grader and think of those origami fortune teller things.

Step Three: Glue Insert into Envelope.

After folding your kraft paper, you’ll have a square that is approximately 5.5 x 5.5. Apply some glue from your glue stick to the back of the insert and try place the insert center. You may need to glue in other shapes. On my insert, I had to glue back in the heart from each state. I started out gluing in the negative space for the letters, but gave up after a couple because they were so small and I was covered in glue. My table is still sticky. 

Step Four: Add Your Address

I handwrote in my family’s new address in the blank space on the bottom left of the insert. If you didn’t want to write it yourself, you could be extra crafty and use the Silhouette sketch pens or the print & cut option.

Step Five: Seal that Baby Up!

Now I had originally planned to just do a small piece of tape on the back to seal all the openings closed, but I was having problems with that. Not all my folds were perfect, so there were little gaps between the flaps. If you add tape on those flaps, you are going to tape your insert and who knows how it’s going to rip when they try to open it. To minimize this, I grabbed some of those negatives I had sitting around. I sealed the envelope with one of the cut out state shapes on the back with some packing tape. I’m sure you could use some fun tape instead, but all my fancy tape was packed up and I had a packing tape gun right next to me.  I used the other state cut out as a return address label on the front of the envelope.

Now you have a fun cheap way to tell everyone to update their Christmas Card lists!


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