Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ugly House: Overhead Lighting Solutions


I have officially bought my first item for Ugly House! Yay!

When I'm planning something, I like to start prep months early. Whether it be planning for my wedding, first child or even just a party, I try to start early so I have some time to be thrifty. I would like to think even if I won a million dollars, I would still try to find deals, and reuse & recycle materials....that I would load up into a really nice car and take to my huge restored turn of the century home. ;) Today I was walking around Lowe's, and a solution to one of Ugly House's problems...of which there are many...was sitting right there, and on clearance for half off. Score! Then a second later, a mouse ran across my feet. I did not scream like a little girl, but I did half attempt to crawl into my cart. Mostly a win for today.

One of things I noticed right away when we were touring Ugly House is there is no overhead lighting in the living room. Not completely unusual especially in the late 70's-early 80's, but something that has always driven me crazy. I hate dark rooms. So, I started searching online for a solution to overhead lighting.

Eventually we'll hard wire a light fixture into the living room, but we'll wait until we have the island done and do all the lighting (dining, kitchen, living and pendant) at once. So, I needed a temporary solution for the living room.

After searching online, I was armed with a bit of knowledge of terminology for lighting. What I was looking for was called a "swag light." Now, if you know what that is, you probably have visions of lights that look like this:

Actually, those probably are coming back in style. Side note: When I Googled "Ugly Swag Light," a picture of Jesse Williams came up. Not only is he not a swag light, he is most definatly not ugly. mmmhmmm. ;)

There are a couple of different options. Now, a very simple solution is a swag light drum shade kit. You can buy this kit from Lowes and pick a drum shade to match. Simple easy affordable solution.

Lowes also sells this light for only $30.00. It doesn't quite fit the decor we're going with, but I do love it. If it had more than one bulb, I would have been sold, but I need something with more light.

Etsy has many wonderful lights too. If we had been looking for a permanent solution, I would have definitely found a great handmade light.

All of these are great solutions. Today, I found the one that was perfect for us. Lowes had a hanging outdoor chandelier. I didn't realize such a thing existed until today! It was a light that plugs in, but has five bulbs. I was worried about there not being enough light with the one bulb options, so one that has 5 bulbs is a great solution. The shades aren't my favorite, but those can be changed or covered. Plus, once we're done with the light (once we have a light hard wired in), we can move the light outdoors where it's intended. The light includes a rope accent which I think is a nice touch of a natural element.

So, if you're looking for a modern swag light, don't forget to check out Etsy and outdoor chandeliers. You might find the perfect solution that wasn't made in 1970's in bright brass!


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