Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Before & After: Vintage Canisters


I have two fun little before & afters to share today. When we went to install a dishwasher, we had to displace two cabinets. We have maybe 6 cabinets total, so removing two was a big deal. In fact, it was the only unit that could store silverware. My husband pulled them out carefully and put them against the wall we'll [eventually] remove & replace with a beautiful large island (yes...I daydream about this). We not only got a dishwasher, but we got a bit extra counter space. My in-laws were kind enough to cut a piece of hard plastic they had, and it's a perfect temporary counter top. The plastic is stained in some places and kinda looks like marble if you squint just right.
With my new found counter space, I could finally pull out my vintage metal canisters. I picked up these sweet things in an antique store basement for $15.00. I had just told my mom maybe 10 minutes earlier that if she ever saw a complete set, I'd love to have it. It was fate.

They had been stored for a while and had some fingerprints and dust. They also had some minor rust spots all over. I was going to clean them, but after seeing how great my Norwex paste was with the new dishwasher, I had to try it on the canisters. It was kinda like magic. Little rust spots (unfortunately, not the large ones) went away and they shined up beautifully. They look great with my red Pyrex mixing bowl, red stool (a $3.00 yard sale find!) and my Thirty-One family organizer. They will probably gather finger prints as I start to use them, but until then, they look fantastic.



I might not even mind the old cabinets with the lighter counter top. I still think the Rooster light switch plate needs to go.


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