Thursday, July 17, 2014

Norwex Paste & Stainless Steel

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While I was gone at the Thirty-One National Conference (which, by the way, was completely amazing), my husband decided to go from great husband to awesome sauce husband. He removed cabinets, bought a dishwasher and installed it for me. I will now go on vacation every month so he can continue this precedent. Viva Las Vegas!

Happy to get this picture message while I gone!
Over many Lowes visits, I had been drawn to a marked down dishwasher. It was the brand I wanted (GE), it was a step (or several steps) up from the entry level ones that were in my price range, and it was about half price. However, it was stainless steel. We have a fairly new black fridge in Ugly House, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to deal with the finger prints that come with stainless steel.

The deal was just too good not to take. I'll eventually attempt to pull it all together with a black and stainless stove. So after my husband's manly man weekend, I had a new dishwasher. I was going to photograph my new lovely dishwasher and then I saw all those prints. Imagine how many there were after sitting in a Lowes. Ew.

I added stainless steel cleaner to my shopping list and went on to other chores. Then, I saw this little container of Norwex Paste under my sink. I got it as a stocking stuff from my mother in law and had never used it. I did some googling and found out it was safe for stainless steel. Sold. Let's break this baby in.

You first apply the paste using a damp Enviro cloth with the grain of the metal (like stain...but much much easier). You only dab the paste onto the cloth, so this amaz-a-paste is going to last forever. Then, you wipe down with a clean wet Enviro cloth. Finally, you polish it up with a window cleaning cloth. I don't have one of those, but I did get a polishing cloth as part of my stocking. I did those easy steps, and it worked like a charm. Check out the pictures below. So sparkly! Until the kids wake up.

Here's the dishwasher with just the top half cleaned with the Norwex Cleaning Paste. Can't you see the difference between the two halves?

Here's the entire dishwasher cleaned and polished up. I'm very happy with the results!


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