Sunday, July 20, 2014

DIY Sunday: Flour Sack Fun

Good morning!

It's been a fun couple of days around here. Dishwasher is installed (again) and working this time! I'm pretty sure for the first time in my six years of marriage, my kitchen has had both a clean counter and sink.

Speaking of kitchens, I have a fun easy project to share. I found some flour sack towels cheap (around $0.10 a piece) a few weeks ago. Great deal, and I love how they shine up my glass wear. (I say that like I don't drink wine out of a red Solo cup) But the towels were boring white. I decided to use a little Pinterest inspiration and embroidery thread to fancy them up. I might have to get another set to do something else fun like paint or dye.

I'm not a embroidery person. I leave that up to my mom. I do have a simple set of needles, some clearance thread and a little hoop. That's all you need to do this super fun project (plus a disappearing ink pen to draw out the design). I tried to make them campy but fun and a bit modern. Check them out!

Ignore the wrinkles...if you can. If I was smart, I would have ironed it...but I don't iron. Ever.


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