Sunday, July 19, 2015

DIY Sunday: Personalized Backyard Swing

Good Day Mate!

Today's project is a pretty simple one. Our photographer posted that she was looking for someone to make her a swing. I couldn't get the task done fast enough for her purposes, but I thought it was a pretty fun idea. I have been working on my woodburning skills, and thought a wooden swing would be a fun way to practice.

Since this was a test run project, I didn't want to buy a bunch of supplies for it. I went through my scrap pile and found a small piece of solid wood paneling I had left over from my DIY desk project. (Click here for the project).

I looked for quotes about children and play. I found this one from Einstein. I love the idea that play and exploring the world is education at its finest. That's one of the of the reasons I love living in the country. Our entire family has spent less time watching tv since we moved out here. I freehanded this design, but I used transfer carbon paper on another woodburning project I did (See my instagram account for that project)

Once I did the wood burning, I stained the board. This was a learning lesson for me. I'll make sure I do a much lighter stain in the future so I don't completely cover the design I painstakingly burned. I finished the board with a couple coats of outdoor varnish. I also learned that instead of just one hole on each side of the board, I really should have done two holes so the swing would be more stable.

The swing is already a popular spot in our yard.



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