Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Show & Tell: Outdoor Updates


We have two big outdoor projects we're working on finishing up before winter, a paver patio and fence. The fence goes in tomorrow (woohoo!), and we're slowly working on the paver patio when we have time.

Part of getting ready for those two big project was two little projects. We had that huge 1980's satellite dish in our backyard next to the future paver patio. With a little WD-40 and a breaker bar, I was able to get the screws to come off the metal pole. Once I had the screws off, we lifted the dish off with my father-in-law's tractor. The pole got the same treatment as the other satellite dish pole. Now we have two lamp posts that will light the way to the new paver patio. (Click here on my post on creating a DIY Solar Lamp Post)

The second project we used the tractor for was pulling out these huge poles at the front of the property. When we first moved in there was this set of poles that created a sort of entry. We needed to get the extra poles out before we put our fence in. We finally got them pulled and out and filled in.

The paver patio is pretty much a big hole right now. 

My daughter decided the future patio needed a fire pit. She made a circle of rocks and added some wood. 

I'm looking forward to sharing our awesome fence once we have it in!


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