Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Show & Tell: Bathroom Paint Job


I decided that Fourth of July weekend is not only known for fireworks and celebrating our wonderful country, but also for painting. My Facebook feed was full of people that all had the same idea...we have a couple of days off so let's get something done.

I decided that I needed a change of pace from working outside on our yard. We are {finally} getting landscape rock delivered tomorrow, so I took a brief break to do some painting. I decided the bathroom was a good size project for the already busy weekend.

I have many big plans for the bathroom, but budget wise, you can't beat the power of paint. For $30.00, I took the bathroom up a notch with some bright yellow paint. I also found an antique mirror at a local shop for $15.00 and decided to use the opportunity to remove the big builder's grade mirror. I was extremely lucky that they didn't glue the mirror down to the wall and it only took me 5 minutes to remove. I put the mirror for free online and had someone picking it up within the hour. (I love that I didn't have to put it in a dumpster!) Next up for the low cost update is going to be some new light fixtures and artwork. Eventually I'll attempt to replace the vanity (although with that strange wall, it might be difficult), replace the flooring and do something about those popcorn ceilings. For now though, my bathroom is wonderful bright start to each day.

Picking a good yellow. Yes, husband. There is actually a difference between these colors.  (We may have had a couple of discussions about this...)

 Paint done but I need to get everything back into place.

 New mirror hung. (Although this picture is kinda dark and doesn't show off the color extremely well) I think it will look more in proportion as I lower and replace the very tall lights.

The new bright color has really made my hardware pop. 


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