Tuesday, November 10, 2015

DIY Rustic Picture Frame

This week's project features some leftover wood from another project earlier this year. At the beginning of the summer, I redid a bench I found stashed in the woods at our house. (Click here for the post) Since I keep and reuse everything I can, I kept the old boards for some future project. The boards were the perfect shade of weathered grey. 

I decided to try to make a frame for a cool vintage print I got for my sons room. I have a miter saw now, and I hadn't tried out doing different angles. Perfect chance! 

Normally if I was going to do things correctly, I would have used pocket screws to secure the corners. However since a Kreg Jig is on my Christmas list and not in my garage (yet), I decided to use these inexpensive corner braces instead. (Hint: These are located by screen doors/door hardware. I wouldn't have found them if wasn't for the helpful Lowes associates!)

The process is fairly straightforward. You first need to measure the print and decide what size you want the frame to be. (My frame is only a half of an inch smaller than the print since the print goes pretty close to the edges) You need to cut the inside of the frame to fit those measurements. It can be helpful to draw out how the frame will look so you can see how the angles will work.  Before I started cutting, I took a wire bush to the boards to clean them up and add a bit of texture.

Once you have everything cut, you need to screw the brackets on each corner. Add a hanger to the top and you're done! I used a stapler to secure the print to the frame. I love how it adds to the really neat print, and it only cost me a couple dollars!


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