Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Show & Tell: Master Bedroom Renovation


I'm so excited to share our completed bedroom renovation. I've already shared the cool barn door headboard we salvaged, and next Sunday I'm going to share the tutorial on our $20.00 closet door rehab, but I couldn't wait to share the over-all reveal. Not to mention I'm pretty sure our room won't look this clean for a long time.


If you remember, this is what our room looked like in August. We hadn't done anything to the room apart from moving our furniture in and putting a couple pictures on the wall. It was a mess.


The first step in the renovation was new paint. I painted the walls with Sherwin Williams paint in Naval and painted the trim around the door and window in a crisp white. After we moved our headboard in, we removed the old trim and did board and batten around the room. That was quite the experience in itself, but the $150 investment is totally worth the impact it has on the room. I rehabbed the existing closet doors for $20.00 (tutorial coming this Sunday). The final touches were some white Ikea curtains (with new fabric added to the bottom), new nightstands, new shades on the light fixture and new bedding. Oh and I was lucky enough that my husband's ugly big box fan kicked the bucket.


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Bethany said...

I received your Christmas card in the mail today, and decided to take a moment to browse your blog. As always, your work is amazing! Please come back and make my house pretty, too! We miss you and think about your family a lot! Merry Christmas!

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