Monday, November 2, 2015

DIY Sunday: Rustic Barn Door Headboard

Happy Monday!

We are on a mission to finish up our bedroom remodel. It's a good thing we waited to work on the room, because a cool headboard just happen to fall into our laps. My husband's boss was tearing down a barn. Originally we went to look at the barn to see if we could salvage any of the barn wood to create a wood wall for my husband's man room. The siding on the barn ended up being too brittle to get off (it just fell apart), but we did spy a really cool door on the hay loft.

We did some real scientific measurements...meaning we used our feet and arms to eyeball how big it was. It turned out to be the perfect size for our king size bed.

We got the door back to our house with some work on my husband's part. Once we got the door propped up on some saw horses, it was time for me to clean it. I did some research on how to clean barn wood. I wanted to make sure I got the years of grime off the wood, but also keep the weathered patina. I decided to clean the wood with a stiff nylon brush (avoiding a wire brush since it would remove the weathered look). I used a grease fighting dish soap and a jet setting on the hose. The process ended up working out pretty well.


The final issue was getting the gigantic headboard into the house. The headboard was too big to fit up my stairs, so we had to strategically cut it so it would look whole once put back together. We used 2x4's screwed into the studs to mount the door to the wall.

My only regret is we couldn't fit the peak of the door into our room (it would have been too tall). We saved it and we're going to use it for a different project eventually.

Master bedroom has new linens, curtains, nightstands, paint and now a headboard. We're working on the finishing touches of board and batten around the room and then we'll be done.

Someone has been sleeping in my bed!


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