Wednesday, March 2, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Baby Food Jar Use #1

Hi Everyone!

I'm on a personal mission to find functional uses for baby food jars. When I google "baby food jar crafts" I generally get loads of campy craft uses. Don't get me wrong, when my baby is bigger, I'll probably do all sorts of odd crafts with her. (Color sand jars or snow globes anyone?) But until then, I will try to find more functional uses. It's hard to throw away these glass gems since it's so expensive to purchase glass (and not to mention the environmental aspects of throwing it in the trash).

Up first, Ribbon Holders.

This was my ribbon board before the baby food jars. (Click here for the tutorial to make your own ribbon holder.)

Not bad, but it was a pain to get the ribbon off the dowels if I didn't have the ribbon spool. So I decided to grab some stiff metal wire I had sitting around (found by the beads). I left a little sticking out, wrapped around twice, then made a hanging loop. Pliers really help get the wire tight.

Ribbon holder after the baby food jars

Much more organized! I tried to organize by color and design. I have more to put up, but it's a pretty good start. And I'm not wasting those precious baby food jars!


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Katie Leipprandt said...

Hi! Just saw this post and wanted to share one way I've reused baby food jars - as votive holders for a centerpiece. You can see pictures here:

I love your creative ribbon holders!

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