Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Sunday: Trick or Treat Reversible Pillows

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I think you've probably caught on by now that when I say "DIY Sunday" I mean "DIY: Whenever I get around to posting." Ah, so is the life with a full time job and two kids. And I'm going to take the bar in February, so I fear that once I start my bar review (hopefully next week) it's going to get worse. Sorry about that. Or in an effort to procrastinate, my projects will explode (hoping to avoid that scenario!). My house is always clean when I should be doing something else.

Anyways, here's a fun project I saw on Pinterest. I like to think that I was once creative. Now I'm just a Pinterest copy cat. So, I have three pillows on my porch swing. (Check out my post about them here). They are in a fun summer outdoor fabric.

I decided I need to "Fall" them up with some burlap covers. I followed the same method I did with my living room pillows when it came to making the covers (Check out this blog post for instructions). Two half yard pieces make just about a perfect cover for a standard size pillow. The less measuring the better!

Once I made the covers (with a sewing machine it's a 10-20 minute project), I used some acrylic paint to make the two sayings. (Yes, two...stick with me here). I used outdoor paints on my original pillow and it's lasted a year, but I figured that since these won't be outside that long (two months max) I could just use plain ol' craft paint. I'm going to try to find something fun and different for Christmas.

I decided that I was going to make my pillows reversible. So one set says, "Trick or Treat" and the backs say "Give Thanks"...I also made a fun orange chevron pillow cover for the fall. I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate the fabric into my Halloween decorations.

So, here's two months of decorations with just one night and about $5.00 in supplies!

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