Sunday, October 27, 2013

DIY Sunday: No Sew Hair Bow

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Today we braved family pictures . Kristin Zehner (of Kristin Zehner Photography) did a great job with our semi-grumpy children (well, one very unimpressed 10 month old and one hyper 3 year old). I saw one picture in camera, and I loved what I saw. I took some pictures of my own this past week since I had my nice camera out from a baby shower I helped throw for a friend (blog post to come on those DIY projects). I realized about 10 seconds into taking pictures of my daughter that I could never be a child photographer. She either was 1) moving 2) sticking her tongue out or 3) giving me a super cheese smile. I did get a few cute pictures, but it solidified my choice to hire Kristin.

Since these were our first official family pictures (I have always done them myself), I spent a few days obsessing on what my family should wear. Heeding a pinterst post advice, I first picked my outfit and then picked everyone's clothes after that.

My daughter didn't have a thing to wear (she had pretty much out grown any "nice" fall clothes), so I bit the bullet and ordered a dress from Crazy 8.

Since nothing ever goes according to plan, the dress is going to be delivered to my house tomorrow. Less than impressed that my item shipped with FedEX from California last week, and it took almost 8 days to get here.

So we were back to the drawing board. I found a pretty cute denim dress from Gap, but it lacked the yellow color that we had been weaving into each outfit. Time for a hair bow! Since my daughter now has short hair, we're starting to "girl" it up more lately with bows. 

This fabric came from a fabric de-stash of my grandma's basement. It's funny that this was in style about 40 years ago and is now back in style.

Okay. Enough rambling. Time for the No Sew Hair Bow!


Headband (great project for a older headband sitting around that is stained)
Fabric (very small amount...good scrap busting project)
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

Cost: Free! I had all the supplies already. Time: About a half hour.


1. Cut a long strip that is about 2.25 times wider than your headband and just a bit longer. No need to be exactly straight since you'll trim the excess.

2. Leaving enough space on each side to wrap the fabric around the headband, use your hot glue to affix the fabric to the top of the headband.

3. Stretch the fabric to the back and glue in place. You will need to also fold over and glue the ends on the bottom of the headband once you're done with the back. Use some small detail scissors to cut the excess fabric. You can do a thin layer of glue on the seam to keep it from fraying.

4. Next you will need to cut a piece for the bow. The size depends on how big you want the bow. I cut a few pieces, folded over and held in a bow design so I could see how big the bow would be before picking a piece.

5. You will fold "hot dog" style right side to ride side. Putting the glue on the right side (inside the 'sandwich'), glue the long side down.

6. Pull the fabric inside out through the small opening on either end so you now see the right side.

7. Fold over each side so the bow is the size you'd like it to be. Glue down

8. Cut a thin strip of fabric to wind around the bow. (I did not do a inside out piece, but to avoid fraying you may want to do the same method you used for the bow) Secure the end of the strip to the back of the bow and then wind a couple of times, then glue down on the back. Put on the headband where you desire and wind around a couple more times around the bow and the headband. Secure end with some hot glue on the back of the headband. 


We wore the bow for almost the entire time we took pictures! Then promptly threw it on the ground when we got home. 

Here's a couple of the pictures I took last week. At least I got one good one of both kids.


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