Friday, October 11, 2013

Thirty One Tips and Tricks: Kids on the Go Activity Bag!

Hello There!

Last weekend we went on car trip, and I got the chance to use my new Timeless Beauty Bag. I have the hostess exclusive beauty bag, and it's huge and wonderful. I haven't had the need for the smaller Timeless Beauty Bag, but I was in the need of something to hang up the iPad on the back of my seat. The TBB is perfect that purpose. I put the iPad on the top pocket, put stickers in the smaller pocket and put the color sheets in the bottom pocket. My daughter can reach the bottom pocket and her colors, but can't reach the iPad. Perfect! The beauty bag has a buckle handle on top that allows you hang the bag from the back of a seat. You can still navigate the screen while it's in the pocket!

I love it so much and it folded up so nice and easy, so I decided it's perfect to keep in the diaper bag. I have pulled it out in restaurants or while waiting for appointments. Great way to keep everything together!

Perfect for markers and crayons!

Folds up so nice and easy!

Fits so nice in the diaper bag so I just keep it with me!

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HopeO said...

Such a nice crayons bag. It is indeed one of the best art kits I have ever seen for a kid. it is very aesthetic looking. You can also hold your phone too. Wow, such an amazing bag it is.

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