Friday, October 11, 2013

Handmade Christmas Round-Up

Hello Friends!

It's about the time of year when we think forward to Christmas. If you're going to make some gifts, you're probably starting to gather ideas and supplies. I've created a round up of all the gifts I made last year. I can safely say that all are still in use and holding up quite well (well...except for my felt cotton dog must have thought it tasted delish because he ate the entire thing stuffing included.)

I'm making plans for this coming year as well and hope to to some posts here soon about all the wonderful things I have made. Okay. This year might be a bit rough with my bar review, but I might do a post of the wonderful things I would attempt to make if I had any time at all. Eh. So goes life!

Last year's Homemade Christmas Posts (Visit my Pinterest Board where I keep my inspiration/to do list!)



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