Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Sunday: Race Bib Sign

Hello Everyone!!

I have a Pinterest Project to share with you today. There are many different Race Bib projects on Pinterest, so I decided to try my hand at one. (Here's the original pin) You could get really creative and add hooks at the bottom for metals, but I'm not that advanced with my running yet. :) Just race bibs for me!


Wooden Board from Hobby Lobby ($2.99, but caught it on sale for 40% off)
Cool Barn Wood Scrapbook Paper ($0.29)
Mod Podge ($2.00 or so worth)
Silhouette Machine cutting "Races" (you could also use an exacto knife if you don't have a Silhouette or scrapbook letter stickers)
Cup Hooks ($0.50 or so)
White Acrylic Paint ($0.30 or so worth)
Alligator picture hanger for the pack ($0.25 or so)

Total: Approximately  $4.80


1. Cut the barn wood paper. I laid my piece of paper on the top of the wooden board and creased the paper along the edges of the top. I used the creases as a guideline to cut the paper.

2. Paint wood with white paint.

3. Get to Mod Podging! First, do a light layer of Mod Podge on the board and place the barn wood paper on the top of the board. Make sure you work quickly, and make sure the paper is placed on the board evenly. I didn't work quite fast enough and ended up with some wrinkles. Learn from my mistake! Then do a nice light layer on the top of the barn wood paper and place your "Races" paper on the top. Finally, do a coat on top to seal everything in. Several light coats are the best way to put the Mod Podge on. If you notice your last layer isn't drying quickly, do a quick coat of a clear spray on top.

4. Next put an alligator picture hanger on the back in the center. Very easy to hammer in on the soft wood.

5. Put your cup hooks into the wood (also very easy with the soft wood). I took the widest race bib I had and used it as a guide for where I wanted the hooks.

6. Ta Da! Hang up on the wall in a location that you will see when you need that extra bit of motivation to get out and run!

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