Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Show & Tell: Bathroom Mini-Reveal


It's a rainy cool fall day here, which means I have been in project mode. It's funny how I always get a ton of projects done when the weather is terrible. I am usually holed up in the garage or basement trying to paint something when it would be much easier to finish the project outside on a 70 degree day. However, I love to play with my kiddos when it's nice. So, rainy days are movie and project days.

I told you a few weeks ago that I have a 2 am remodeling problem (Click here for the post). The clock hits 2, and I always want to rip something up and/or paint something. Last night the bug hit again, and I decided to paint my bathroom vanity. The added benefit of 2 am remodeling is there are no kids to interrupt, and my husband that can't say no. :)

This is a "mini-reveal" in the sense this is nothing close to the plans I have for the bathroom. After we're done with the kitchen, the bathroom will get 1) a new white 3 drawer vanity with a undermount sink, 2) new light fixtures, 3) new hexagon marble tile, 4) paint, and 5) new mirror (I think I already purchased the one I love).

Until we finish the kitchen, I decided I'd try to improve what is already there. I may paint the walls and trim before the big remodel just because there are quite a few holes filled in, and I may take down the builder grade mirror to replace with the vintage one I bought this past weekend at an antique store for $8.00.


The current light fixtures. I have some new silver pendants picked out.

The vanity isn't in terrible shape, but the room is already dark without having a dark vanity taking up half the room. The knobs in the center of the doors on the bottom drove me crazy. Who would ever use them there?

The old towel bar. I actually meant to keep this and spray paint it and reuse it elsewhere in the house, but I accidentally tossed it. Oh well. Probably good for my material hording tenancies.

After the Mini Makeover

New double shower curtain, new towel bars, new knobs at new locations, Annie Sloan paint, custom mix (3/4 Pure White & 1/4 Providence). I haven't done the protecting layer on top yet. I'm still trying to decide between the recommended wax v. poly.

This is the mirror I picked up at the local antique place. It's beveled with a slight scallop design. I think it would add just the right amount of vintage & girly-ness to the bathroom. The manly bathroom will be downstairs. (sorry for the pictures...it's hard to photograph a mirror!) Now I just have to remove that builder grade mirror. And it's not going to be easy I have a feeling....


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