Monday, September 15, 2014

DIY Sunday: Outdoor Mud Kitchen


With our kitchen remodel, we had some extra materials left over. I tried to reuse as much as I could. The cabinets found a new home in our garage. The countertops are still in the kitchen, but will eventually have a second life (somewhere). I decided the sink was in too good shape not to use somehow.

When I was in kindergarden, my best friend lived around the corner from me. Our parents removed the adjoining fence, and we used to go back and forth everyday. They had a huge mud kitchen. Many many hours were spent making mud pies and "the soup of the day"....which was usually pretty stinky and gross.

I am all about the kids getting dirty and playing outside, so a mud kitchen was perfect.

We had some spare lumber sitting around from the kitchen (sides of base cabinets) and lumber from the dishwasher packaging (yeah...I kept the wood they use to package it...I'm a material horder). I just used my new nail gun, primer and paint to create a base. Pretty simple. Basically a big U shaped wood stand. Open ends with a opening on top for the sink. I had a screen already painted from a craft show display that makes a nice holder for supplies/a window over the sink.

Eventually I might add a painted range as a pretend stove. That was the first request when our kids and the neighbors started playing with it. Eventually.....


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