Saturday, September 27, 2014

Small Business Saturday: Aviena in Sioux Falls, South Dakota


Last week I started a weekly post where I'm going to spot light some of my favorite small businesses. I love the unique options local businesses have to offer, and you can't beat the people. I always find a friendly face when I stop by these shops. I'm a bit (okay...a lot) of a chatty cathy, and I feel like I'm walking into Cheers when I stop by Main Street, U.S.A. Rest assured. I get nothing from promoting these businesses. I just want to share the little gems I have found in the midwest.

This week I'm featuring Aviena in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Click here for their Facebook page) I found this shop while cruising Craigslist. They have a nice mix of vintage clothing and repurposed furniture (from local artists). They are also a Annie Sloan stockist. (I recently painted my bathroom vanity with Annie Sloan in just an hour. Love the stuff.) I had a nice chat with the owner when I was in last time about Annie Sloan and the available furniture pieces in the store. I love how unique everything is...but things go fast! I had a cabinet in mind, and it sold the morning I came in. Only an hour late! Shoot. I had to settle for some paint. (Settle as in I would have bought it anyways!) The staff at Aviena is great about putting available clothing and furniture on their Facebook, so you can see what is new.

All pictures came from Aviena's Facebook page. Please visit & like!


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