Saturday, September 20, 2014

Small Business Saturday: Farmhouse Fancy & Tattered Creations in Brookings, South Dakota


My kids are away at my parents for a fun filled (candy filled) weekend, so I took the opportunity to do some junk shopping...and napping. Oh man...I LOVE sleeping. There was a great garage sale/antiques sale at a barn on Highway 14. I got an entire box of pots and pans for the mud kitchen for only $2.00 (Click here for the mud kitchen post) and a mirror that will eventually make its way into our basement bathroom. I also picked up some fun little finds at some local antique places including one little yellow Pyrex dish.

But the best find of the day was a new shop in Brookings called "Farmhouse Fancy" (Click here for their Facebook). It's refinished furniture with a rustic touch. Lots of great finds. I'm currently looking around my house to find what could be replaced with her furniture. I love to refinish furniture myself, but sometimes (especially if it involves fabric) I'd rather just buy a piece from someone else. They do all the hard work and put all the love and care into the piece, and I just get to enjoy it...and usually think of something I haven't thought of. Here's some of the pieces available today, but inventory is always changing so you should just keeping going in...make it's part of your routine shopping. :)

These shelves are cream and grey. I love them. I really want to find a place for them in our house. They would fit in perfect with the colors I have picked out for Ugly House.

These candle sticks made their way home with me. Cream on the bottom with aqua candles. Love them! I want to have a special dinner to just pull them out. Until then they are going to stay with my Pyrex hutch. (Check out that post here)

They had a set of these chairs with a wonderful matching side table. It's my favorite color with my favorite type of fabric. I wish I had a nice little area to put them. Can you imagine them on an enclosed porch? Baby room?

Also, there's some beautiful handmade children/baby items available! The headbands and totes are made by Amber at Tattered Creations (Click here for her Facebook). The headbands are super cute. I bought two barrettes for my daughter today who is now sporting a new short do as part of a DIY hair cut she tried last weekend. I wasn't overly impressed with her work. I have some friends that are expecting, and I look forward to stocking them up on cute headbands.

There's also so many great fun blankets as well. I am going to add those to my list of must have baby gifts.

As always, support your local small business owners! Think about the difference you're making to a local family by shopping local!


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