Saturday, October 4, 2014

Small Business Saturday: J.B. Knacker's in Gilbert, Iowa


I thought since it's Fall for Junk in central Iowa this weekend, it was appropriate to feature one of my favorite shops in Iowa. Please check out all the fantastic shops on this weekend's junk jaunt! Lots of pop up shops (or rather, barns) for this weekend's sale! (Click here for the map of shops on the trip this weekend)

One of my favorite shops in Iowa is J.B Knacker in Gilbert, Iowa. (Click here for their Facebook page) Gilbert, Iowa isn't very big, but is just a few minutes from Ames. For a small town, it has one happening main street. We used to make the trip over to the Open Flame for dinner, then to visit J.B. Knacker then right before we moved, to visit the latest store, Pixi. (Washi Tape heaven! Click here for their Facebook page.)

J.B. Knacker does a great job of switching out items each season. I don't know why, but I always feel like it's a bit of a party in there, especially on the special junk weekends. They fill the side yard with great booths and there's hot coffee on (at least there used to be when I went). I'm a sucker for free coffee.

I guess everyone in Iowa also realizes what a hidden gem this store is. It was featured as one of three stores to see in Iowa in this season's FleaMarket Style. Awesome!

Check out some of the awesome finds that will be around this weekend during Fall for Junk! All pictures are from J.B. Knacker's Facebook page, so please share the love and like their page!


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