Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Show & Tell: Arm & Finger Knitting [For Those Who Can't Knit or Crochet]


I had the itch to start something new this past weekend. That usually happens when I'm faced with a project that is half done and seems like it will never be finished (i.e. painting my walls and trim). My husband will look around at the disaster we're living in and be like, really? Of all the things to work on, you've picked this?

I was looking through my Pinterest boards and saw a couple of pins about arm knitting. I figured that I would try it out. I've had some pretty epic terrible experiences with knitting, crocheting and looms. I wasn't feeling too confident in my arm knitting skills.

I grabbed some yarn that I had sitting around. It wasn't very thick, so the stitches weren't very close together, but after watching Michael's YouTube video (click here), I was feeling pretty good. I bought some bulkier yarn the next day and went to work on my first real project. I also loved this YouTube video by Urban Angel because casting on the first line is much easier. It doesn't look quite as clean as the Michael's version, but you don't notice if you're making an infinity scarf.

My practice stitches.

The great thing about arm knitting is that you accomplish quite a bit during a short period of time. You can easily do it with watching a movie or while in the car. And the only supplies you need to bring with you are yarn and scissors.

My scarf wasn't perfect. I did three strands and 10 stitches across. That made my scarf quite bulky. I think I will either try less yarn or less width. I also got distracted a few times and didn't get all three strands through, so I had some loose yarn here and there. I used some of my left over yarn to tie up those loose pieces. The one downside is arm knitting uses a ton of yarn. Everything is so loose that you go through pieces pretty quick. I might try using some old t-shirts for future projects. I saw some Pins about that method.

My oops section.

The back side of the scarf.

Last night I was out of bulky yarn, but my daughter wanted her own scarf. I used the yarn I had on hand and used the same method on my fingers. It was a bit more tedious and painful, but I still made a scarf in one night.

I look forward to trying out more ideas. I think I might tackle a baby blanket next! Let me know if you try this out! It's really a nice easy project that doesn't take up too much of your time.

I don't know how beauty bloggers do pictures that are pretty all the time. This is how I really feel when I take a "selfie."


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