Friday, October 3, 2014

Show & Tell: DIY Tulle Canopy


What do you do when you have 40 yards of aqua tulle sitting in box taunting you every day for about 8 hours straight? (From my daughter's Frozen party last May) You sit on Pinterest searching "Tulle Projects" for a couple of weeks. I saw a ton of tutu's, but my daughter has hit her tutu quota for the year, and I didn't want the tutu police to break down our door. Finally I found some creative people out there that have used tulle to make bed canopies. It was pretty simple idea. You secure the tulle to an embroidery hoop, and you have a whimsical canopy. As I pointed out last week (click here for the post), my daughter's room need a little more something.

I didn't have an embroidery hoop, and I didn't want to pull out the sewing machine. Strange that I really do enjoy sewing, but I hate the hassle of pulling out the machine. So, I looked around my cluttered craft room looking for some alternatives.

Last week I attempted to paint a lamp shade. It didn't go well. It went so poorly so I really should have taken a picture to show you how awesomely bad I failed. Then the shade broke on top of just being ugly. Time to trash the entire project. But if your broken lamp shade has a harp fitter, you have perfect canopy material. (Probably easily found free or super cheap at a Good Will or garage sale!) It's a metal hoop with a circle in the middle to hang the hoop.

I looped the tulle over the metal hoop and secured with safety pins. I may sew it on the hoop in the future since I like the cleaner look, but I just wound some extra tulle around the metal and safety pins for the time being.

Our daughter proclaimed it Elsa's castle and pulled out her Anna and Elsa dresses (and slept in one and left the other on the floor next to her bed.) Our son thought it was pretty fun to rub his face on.



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