Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bathroom Paint: The Sequel

Happy Thursday!

I have been painting like crazy over the past week. I painted the upstairs bathroom yellow over the holiday weekend. This week the downstairs bathroom got some much needed love.

I haven't done a thing with this bathroom since we moved in. We don't use it except to brush the kids teeth, and I hate the dark dungeon shower. Eventually we want to pull the wall out and put a glass shower in, plus add in some much needed lighting. However, right now, we're just doing a bit of a face lift.

So, when you have a dark dungeon bathroom, you paint it dark blue, right? Okay. Maybe it doesn't make all that much sense. However, the downstairs is the "man" territory, so I wanted it to be a masculine color. This color is called "Bungalow Blue" and is by Sherwin Williams.  I wanted to do stripes somewhere in the house, and I decided that the wall I want to remove was the perfect place to use them. Hint: When doing stripes on the wall, use a laser level. Also, always do a first coat of the underneath color (white in my case) over the tape edge and let it dry. That will keep the color from bleeding. 

I'm really happy with the results. I also found an old mirror at a garage sale for $5.00, and it works great with the masculine theme and is way more fun than the builders grade mirror that used to be there. I want to replace all the flooring downstairs with that tile that looks like wood (with a heated floors underneath), but I see that getting done around the time my daughter graduates from high school.

Finally, I want to replace the vanity sooner rather than later. (It's a cheap plastic one) Check out the two options I looked at. Which one do you like?

The "Traditional" Option

The "Modern" Option
 (p.s. this one is my favorite)



Megan {The Brick Bungalow} said...

Hello! I came over from your Better After feature of your picnic game table (super cute!) and thought I'd look around. I'd definitely go with the modern one. I'm currently working on my bathroom and wish I could just replace the vanity. But...we completely gutted it!

TheDabblingCrafter said...

Hi Megan! I agree. I'm going to have to go with the modern one. The white top would look so good with the white stripes!

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