Monday, April 7, 2014

Show & Tell: White Spray Paint Trees -- Frozen Decorations


Today my daughter and I worked on another fun decoration for her Frozen party. I sacrificed one moving box to create two trees. I used an Exacto knife to cut out the trees, and then sprayed white paint on the cut outs while my daughter aggressively added glitter. (Glitter shakers are perfect for little ones since they can't dump all the glitter on one spot.) The paint did a pretty good job of keeping the glitter on the trees, and since we plan on putting the trees outside, I wasn't too concerned about the glitter falling off. The cardboard did absorb some of the white paint, but I think they still look pretty winter tree like. This would also be a great idea for a winter wonderland themed party or dance!

The entire cost of this project was a big zero since I had the glitter, white spray paint and cardboard on hand. I used the cheap $0.99 can of white spray paint, so even if you need to go out and buy some, you can do it on the cheap. Between cutting the tree and painting it, I spent about an hour on the project. 


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