Monday, April 28, 2014

The BIG Frozen Party Reveal

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday was the big day for the party. It went off wonderfully. I have a feeling our daughter will be talking about this for a long time! Hopefully it will leave her with some happy memories of living in Iowa.

We hired an "Elsa" aka the "Snow Queen" from a local business called Little Princess Parties. I had initially thought it was a splurge I didn't need to make for the party. I was TOTALLY wrong! I would do it again and again. Not only is there a cool factor of how excited the kids are (because it was obviously the coolest thing ever to meet your favorite princess ;) ), but Elsa knew her stuff. The first hour I ran the party just waiting for Elsa to arrive. I felt like it was a couple of minutes away from chaos, but once Elsa arrived, everything went smoothly. Although, I think being a Queen gave her an unfair advantage. Those kids would have jumped off a cliff if she asked! So for the record, not only is it a cool experience for all the guests, but it was SO lovely to have someone that was great with kids, organized and a great actress to boot. Plus, she could answer all the crazy questions that 3 and 4 year olds ask. (Yes, she knows Batman, but she's only met Superman a couple of times.)

Here's a video of our daughter getting her special gifts from the Snow Queen. It's completely unbelieveable, but she's managed to not eat the entire candy wand in one weekend. I have never ever seen her save candy, but I think she's afraid of eating it quickly and losing the "magic"!

I did a ton of projects for this party. Some I did with inspiration from Pinterest. Other ones I just thought about what I wanted to do and figured out a way to do it myself. Here's a link to the 20 DIY Projects I did for the Frozen themed party.

Finally, here's the big reveal of our Frozen themed birthday and going away party!

First, we invited our guest to pick a Frozen coloring page and create a mug to take home with them.

Next, we headed outside to have a snowball fight. We had the perfect numbers to do boys v. girls.

Even our little one wanted to join the boys team.

After our snowball fight, we did a couple rounds of Olaf bowling.

Elsa arrived! First, we had to sit in a circle and do introductions.

After introductions, it was time for a story! Belle was kind enough to lend the Snow Queen a book to read to our guests!

Then it was time for Lila to become a princess!

Elsa was kind enough to help our little princess open her gifts and read the cards.

After gifts, it was time to sing "Happy Birthday."

While the boys were busy cutting the cake, we got to take some pictures with our favorite Queen.

Oh man, it was time for Elsa to go home to get her castle ready for a ball. Our little lady walked her to the door and got one last hug.

Now it's time to show off all my hard work over the past two weeks. Don't forget to check out the 20 Frozen DIY Projects post for all the details!


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