Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY Wednesday: Mini Card & Business Card Holder

Hello There!

It's time for another project involving my favorite Amy Butler fabric. I swear this will be my last project with this fabric for a while! :)

I recently ordered some Moo Mini Cards & Rounded Corner Business Cards for my craft & blog business. I ordered both because I wanted mini cards for my craft business and actual business cards for my blog. I found there were situations where I wanted to hand out a card for my blog, but didn't want my craft business on it (i.e. vendors at craft shows I was just a customer at).

I have met people that have the mini cards with business information for shows, but save their personal information like address and phone number for an actual business card.

Click here for a printable PDF Tutorial!

This holder allows you to carry both.

Mini & Business Card Holder

Fabric (This is a great project for scraps!)
Sewing Machine & Thread

Step One: Cut Fabric

Use the following dimensions for your fabric cuts:

Step Two: Sew the Pockets

Take the two mini card pocket cuts and place them right side to right side. Sew along one of the 4.5 inch sides. Only sew one side.

Take your two business card pocket cuts and place them right side to right side. Sew along one of the 4.5 inch sides. Only sew one side.

Now turn the pockets wrong side to wrong side.

Step Three: Place Snaps

You are going to add the snaps to the pockets before you sew the entire holder. On the mini card pocket (putting the snap through both layers of fabric), measure the center of the 4.5 inch side (2.25 inches) and put the snap approximately 1/2 an inch down from the sewn side.

Repeat with the business card pocket. (Measure center (2.25 inches) and a 1/2 of an inch down from the sewn side)

Step Four: Sew the Holder Together

Now, you're going to create your fabric sandwich.

After you have made your fabric sandwich, you can put a pin in to secure it. Sew around the entire holder (about a 1/2 of an inch from the edge). Make sure you leave a little opening (I've indicated where I left mine with the zig zag line on the illustration) in order to turn the holder.

Step Five: Turn & Finish

Turn your entire holder by pulling it through the little opening (Make sure you remove the pin first). Sew the little opening you left open to turn.

You now have a beautiful business card holder!


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That's really cute! Thanks so much for adding it to the One Pretty Thing Flickr pool, I'll be linking in Monday's Daily DIY.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!

Muhammad Ashfaq said...

its a really fabulous cards blog and its show your business information rather than personal.
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