Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long Weekend


I had a rather long weekend. My grandfather passed away last month, but asked that his memorial service be held over the summer so all the grandchildren could be there. It was pretty surreal since last month I was showing him how my daughter (and his first great-grandchild) just learned how to walk.
I had to laugh though, he left a message to be read at this service (it was definitely in the spirit of my grandfather) and insisted on playing two songs at the service: "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini and "The House is Rockin'" by Stevie Ray Vaughan. I'm sure people thought I was crazy when we were leaving the church to both songs, and I couldn't wipe the grin off my face....but wasn't that the point? He wanted his family to celebrate him, not mourn him. (Of course, I can't help but mourn him as well)
It was also a good weekend too though. I got to see my aunts, uncles and cousins I haven't seen in a while. We spent time playing games and remembering all the funny stories we had. Most of them involved my uncles getting in trouble with my grandfather. I felt pretty old too, because I remember the births of the majority of the cousins and their all in high school now!
I'm grateful that I took the time to visit him, talk to him, learn from him (I have an entire family history because of his hard work!), took lots of pictures and saved things like the voice mail I have on my phone of him singing (terribly) Happy Birthday. The death of a treasured loved one is different than anything I've experienced in my life. When I think of him I have wonderful memories that make me smile, but then I remember he's gone. I'm sad, but then remember that there's no need to be sad since I shouldn't ruin the present with things I can't change. I'm sure those of you that have lost loved ones know what it's like. The only thing to do now is honor his memory and smile.

Picture I took of my grandfather a few years ago.

My grandfather and grandmother at their 50th wedding anniversary party. He might have been stubborn at times, but he sure loved to laugh and make people around him laugh.

My daughter and my grandfather. When I told him I was pregnant, he was so excited. He immediately started talking to my belly. She was always in a good mood around him.


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Jenny Witte said...

So sorry about your loss. I love the picture though of your grandfather and daughter! :) Too cute.

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