Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gone Junkin': Quite the Haul!

I went garage sale-ing for the first time this summer, and considering how much stuff I brought home, it will probably be the last time. :)

I got some really great finds and only spent $20.00. Now, I need to get started on the projects or my husband is going to freak out about all the junk sitting around!

Dresser for $5.00...rough shape, but good bones!

Love the details on this dresser! The pulls are really unique too.

Old tins. I saw a really neat yard pinwheel done with these. I thought I'd never find enough for the project, but alas, I did! And I think I spent $1.50 for the lot.

Random glass things. I have plans for all the glass things I found in the form of some yard ornaments. I also got a bundle of zippers. I spent around $2.00 for the lot. The best find were the vintage blue bell mason jars for 25 cents.

Old railroad insulators. I over spent by a few cents for these. (I spent $2.00 on them) I love them but I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with them....

Old milk glass vases and random glass things. They will also be used for yard ornaments. I also got some old buttons that can be covered. The entire lot was $1.00.

Random rusty old things. :) My husband literally looked at me like I was crazy when I hauled these things out. They will also go in the yard (although I might use the screen thing for a display at a craft show. Haven't decided yet) Entire lot was $1.00

Now, isn't the gold mirror ugly? Ha. I will be painting it. I think it has pretty good bones. I think I over paid for it..it was $5.00, but the yard sale was for a church so I think it will be okay.

Felt bag. I use felt for baby shoes, so I thought I could use it. I spent 50 cents for the bag.

Over the door shelves. I spent $2.00 for both shelves. One shelf went over the door to the pantry. The other one went up to my craft room.

I love this red stool. It reminds me of one that was in my grandfather's garage. I spent $3.00 for it. I will have to give it some TLC but otherwise I'm super excited about it!

Old frame that was 10 cents. I have this huge art wall planned and am collecting frames.

I also got some finds from around our town since it's officially put your cool (and not so cool) cr*p on the curb. I was assured by people that it's okay to take stuff from these stashes. :) I got two old windows, an old screen (also craft show display?), and two old ladders. They were all free.


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