Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Junk Express: Second Stop Junk Refunkery

Hey Everyone,

It's time for some more awesome junk! The second stop on the Junk Express is the Junk Refunkery. This Junk Refunkery is located right outside town in this really neat barn. At 10 am on Saturday, this place was hoppin' (to say it mildly) and for good reason.

What I loved was there was so much to see! I mean you could take an hour just wandering around and enjoying all the cool finds. I almost wish that I could have known where each item came from and if there was a story with it! (That would be a cool idea to put on the tags!)

Any who, enjoy some fun junk, like Junk Refunkery on Facebook to get future sale dates and while you're at it, like us too! :)

On a side note, thank you to the 200 people that have read my blog in the last couple of days and the 6,000 of you that visited in the last month! I'm truly blessed that anyone is remotely interested in reading anything I've wrote or done! Thank you so much! I love to share my projects, and give people tutorials on how to start their own projects!

Anyways, on to the fun junk!

How can you not love this bed? I just love the color. I could base an entire house on that color! It reminds me of a cottage on the beach! When I saw it, I started thinking...where can I put this? Unfortunately I have no where to put it...some day! (Not to mention that bench fits right in at the end of the bed)

Unique planter holder. I could visualize this in my mother-in-law's garden.

I love what the plant baskets/buckets are hanging from! It's beautiful! (not to mention that fun table!)

I love this table. Was it a former work bench? It would work really cool as a kitchen island.

My mother in law did this with an old scale. It's so cool. I read a description online stating this kind of paint is "chippy"....I love it! I love "chippy" paint! (aka rust ha!)

Need a giant letter? There were a couple at the sale. This piece brings two questions to mind, 1) Where in the heck do you find a letter like this? and 2) Where could I put it (and is there a B somewhere?)...Really fun urban accent.

I have a severe crush on this serving tray. I want a metal serving tray for outside. But I don't have patio furniture yet, and I should probably wait for that before getting other furniture. But remember that awesome red stool I got at a garage sale a few weeks ago? This would match perfectly. I walked past it four or five times and ultimately decided to pass. (with a heart breaking :)

Lots of people were loving this table! When I stood in line to buy my jewelry holder, everyone was chatting about it. Really neat table.

More really cool letters!

I love painted chairs with a new fabric seat.

In addition to all that neat cool junk, I got my own jewelry holder at Junk Refunkery.

I have a little notebook I carry with me, and it's full of ideas and lists. One of the lists is junky things I want to find. A jewelry holder was on the list so I allowed myself to purchase it. :)

It turned out so cool!


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