Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Show & Tell: Pin Up Shades

Hi There,

A few weeks ago I posted an Idea Thief tutorial from Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business. The shades seemed really easy and looked clean.

I did the tutorial this week. The instructions are pretty straight forward. The only thing I found difficult was screwing in the eye hooks. After my first one, I decided to pre-drill the holes. That helps keep the fabric from twisting around the hook. Also, I didn't take into the consideration when I was measuring the window how it was going to hang an extra inch or two because of the hooks. So my curtains are just a little too long. I might have to sew the bottom again. I used Morning Glory fabric from Amy Butler. (I'm now obsessed with the material! I'm sure you'll see another project soon with the fabric.)

I tried my best to photograph the shades...I hope you get the idea!



Sarah & Kristi said...

These shades look awesome, and I am in need of some for my dining room... any tips for how many yards of fabric to get, etc.

Unknown said...

Really it depends on the window. Measure how long and wide the windows are. Chances are the fabric isn't going to be wide enough to have two curtains cut side by side. You can check the bolt and see how wide it is. Otherwise, just convert the inches long your window is into yards. You'll want to add 4 extra inches on the length for hems. So if the fabric isn't wide enough to do side by side, just add the lengths of all the windows, add 4 inches for each of the windows and divide the entire number by 36, and you'll have how many yards you need.

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