Thursday, June 9, 2011

Show & Tell: Diaper Clutch

Hi There!

I attempted to sew during my daughter's nap time, but the huge clap of thunder that woke her up was thinking otherwise. I got to finish up two diaper clutches before there was a meltdown.

Since I'm going to sell these in my Etsy shop/craft shows eventually, I'm not going to post a tutorial. However, here's a couple pictures of the clutch I made for myself and one I made for a gift. The clutch is big enough to fit a wipes case as well as 3 disposable diapers or 1 cloth diaper. They are a great idea for a few reasons: 1) There will come a day when you don't need all the stuff that comes with a diaper bag ie toys & bottles. This is a nice compact bag to slip into your purse. 2) If you are using a diaper bag, it's a compact bag you can grab when you're running to the restroom for a change instead of bringing the whole bag 3) Instead of a bag at all, you can grab this clutch.

I am also one of those people, as a result of my type A personality, that has a ton of bags inside of my purse. So I always love the idea of adding more organization.

My clutch featuring my favorite Amy Butler fabric

My clutch was the first one I made. It was a bit small, so I increased the size with the second one. I also decided not to top stitch.

Clutch I made for a gift.

Inside of clutch with no diapers or wipe case.

Clutch with matching wipe case

Clutch with one cloth diaper


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