Friday, June 24, 2011

My Friday Fun

Hi There!

I just had to share some projects I have going on.

My craft ADD reared it's ugly head today. I first decided I needed to sand the dresser I got a couple of weekends ago since it was blocking the door. I then figured that I may as well grab this old door I'm going to turn into a craft display since it needs to be sanded. I open the shed, and see the old windows I picked up. May as well grab those too. Then, I see the stained glass window I got from my parents. Probably should grab that. Oh and the two ladders I got from the side of the shed. Well heck, I may as well grab the two boards I had set aside for growth charts.

So my 1 project turned into 8 projects. How does this always happen? So I did a ton of sanding and power washing today.

Tomorrow's goal is priming (if the weather cooperates) and then painting this week. My other goal tomorrow going to two different sales "Junkin' in June" and Junk Refunkery...a sale of awesome junk turned treasure! Check out their respective sites for more information! I will blog if I purchase anything. My sure my husband would rather I didn't, but who can resist cute junk? Not I.

My dresser find from a few weekends ago freshly sanded. Now for some primer!

Old windows. The stained glass one has sentamental value to me since it was from my last house and LOVED that tiny house. I have some plans for these finds. They just got the heck washed out of them today.

The old door left in our shed from our landlord (I got permission to use it)...It's going to be used in my craft show display/consignment show display (haven't decided which one yet). The two ladders were also free finds and were REALLY dirty. I washed the heck out of them. One is going to hold quilts in our living room. I haven't decided what to do with the other one yet. Might be a craft show display too.


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Craftberry Bush said...

hi Krista...I hope you are doing well..I was trying to answer a question you left on my blog but you are a 'non reply blogger' which means your email is not attached to your messages....:(
the question was in regards to the stir sticks sticking well with Gorilla glue to the glass...? so far they have not fallen out at all and seem to be staying put...sorry it took me so long to respond...I am attaching the link because you probably have no idea what I'm talking about...haha...thanks for stopping by...xo

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