Monday, June 27, 2011

The Junk Express: Third Stop Red Barn Rustics


Whew, it was along journey, but here's the last post on the junk sale that took place in Boone, Iowa this last weekend. It was so fun to see all the unique items that were found and got good homes instead of being sent to the dump!

The last stop was Red Barn Rustics. As you may have guessed it, the sale took place in a old red barn. All the items were really unique and fun, but the one item I fell in love with was an old greenish-blue wood island. If I would have been in a different house, I would have bought it in a heart beat. I literally called my husband begging to get it, but we both knew we just don't have a kitchen for an island.

Make sure to check out Red Barn Rustic's blog, follow her to get all the sale dates and while you're at it, follow us on Facebook!


Here's the table I fell in love with. Unfortunately this pictures doesn't do it justice. Red Barn Rustics has a much better picture. It was beautiful!

It's was quite solid too.

Cute night stands!

I love old windows and this one is beautiful!

A "chippy" table! Love it

I love this old wash basins. My mother-in-law has a duel tub one and spray painted the base a fun green and uses it for parties to cool beverages (really nice since there is a built in drain). If you bought this, it's a great idea for it!

Welcome to the barn! I love the welcome sign.

Such cute chairs! Love the fabric too.


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