Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Junk Express: First Stop Once Was


I had a busy morning going around and seeing all the different junk sales going on around here. When I read about these sales on Facebook, I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to see. I knew it involved junk, but what exactly would be for sale? Would the junk already be dressed up with paint or something? Or would it just be natural? What kind of stuff would they have? The mystery caused me to pull my one year old daughter out of bed and drag her around to three different sales. (I've never seen anything like this in South Dakota...but maybe I just wasn't looking? Iowa after all is the land of the American Pickers)

I have to say, it was quite awesome. I made a vow to myself before I left the house: If I don't know an exact place to put someone, I'm not going to get it. This was a good ground rule; otherwise I would have been coming home with car loads of stuff. I mean, this stuff was that much fun. It was like going to three garage sales and there only being good stuff. No actual junk (lots of fun junk).

I did ask the nice people running these three sales if I could cover their sale for my blog. They allowed me to take pictures. I should preface it with I forgot my camera when I intially went out, so I had to come back a few hours later to take pictures. This was both a good and bad thing. I missed some of the more popular things since they were purchased, but a second look made me notice things I looked over before.

The first stop on the Junk Express: Once Was on Linn Street in Boone.

FYI. Once Was is going to be open for business tomorrow again. (As well as Junk Refunkery on 205th St in Boone. That was my second stop, and I'll be blogging about it tomorrow)

The first thing I noticed when I walked up to Once Was was all the awesome furniture. I love furniture, and I especially loved this furniture with its character and love. My favorite item (that was gone when I came back) was a bright yellow serving tray. I don't have any patio furniture yet, and I could bring myself to purchasing it...and I, of course, regret that decision.

(Let that be a lesson to the rest of you! This stuff gets snatched up quickly!)

A pretty green desk and white chair. I love the finish on this furniture. It's soft, but still modern.

I didn't notice this table the first time through! It's really neat.

I love this ice chest! It's so unique.

You know I love outdoor furniture (yet own none...go figure)

I saw this piece right when I walked up. It's so cool for so many reasons. One the color is great. Plus, if you can notice, there is a really neat webbing detailed inside it and three it's got a retro feel too.

I love this old filing cabinet. I was thinking it would make a great end table!

I'd like to thank the artists that collect this great junk, gave it a bit of love and were so generous to allow me to photograph it! It was so nice they all worked together and scheduled sales the same day. It made the experience even better! I also appreciated the chance to see some members of the community out and about.


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